Boys & Girls Swim at it’s Best this Year

Chyna Dews, Reporter

The boys’ and girls’ swim team this year is one of its best one by far. 23 swimmers on the team made it to CIF and many swimmers on the team were ranked top 30 in the city.

Swimmers Alyssa Berman, Captain Danielle Cid, Ella Fletcher, Alli Hopkins and Sanam Viliani made it to state.

“It’s a really great experience to be able to make it to state especially since it’s not an opportunity everyone gets. I’ve been preparing for this all season and I am confident on how I’ll perform,” said junior state swimmer Alli Hopkins.

The Venice Swim team won second place in City. Although they were very nervous at preliminaries and made many mistakes, they still pulled through according to team captain senior Danielle Cid.

“This year we definitely worked hard and made a lot of people to city and state. I am confident on their results,” said team captain Andres Carrillo.

Cid is very close to breaking Venice High’s city record of 1:43:31 seconds. Also Cid has beat Palisades High’s swim team by 3 seconds in the freestyle relay.