2018 Prom Venue at the Science Center

April Cuarenta , Reporter


Many juniors did not vote for their prom venue, and some are upset as they learn of the prom’s location at Wallis Annenberg Building at the California Science Center.

Out of a class of 451, only 47 of them voted when prom venues were being considered in November. A variety of locations were presented to the juniors who did vote, and the Wallis Annenberg Building made the best impression on the students, according to Mr. David Lee, sponsor of the Class of 2018. The venue has a large dance area, eating area, and a great section that overlooks a Japanese garden where students can take pictures.

Junior Tiffany Lavalle was one of the many who did not vote. “ I wasn’t aware we were voting and if they announced anything in the PA, I didn’t hear it.”

“We announced it for like two weeks, some of our members even announced it in their classes,” Class of 2018 committee member Nancy Lopez said.

So far, the Class of 2018 committee has been fundraising and conducting events such as ice skating and selling Sees Candies to raise enough money for future senior activities.

“It would be great if people showed up more to the meetings,” said Mr. Lee.   “We meet on Thursdays at lunch in room 3.”

The committee works very hard to ensure that the student voices are heard. Attending the meetings gives students an opportunity to participate in voting and organizing Class of 2018 activities.

The Class of 2018 also has an Instagram account under the name of “Vhsclassof2018.” Be sure to follow them for weekly updates. Juniors, who will then be seniors, will be allowed to vote for their prom theme next semester during the PSAT exam.