Social media: a way to connect and disconnect

Aracelly Cotrina, Reporter

Social media has been around for several years. From Facebook to Twitter and the now to the most popular, Instagram and Snapchat.
All around the world people post thousands of pictures and make a ton of posts daily.
Social media can connect you with old and new friends alike. It can also connect you to people who have similar interests that some people now call “Internet Friends”. They are friends that you don’t know in real life but talk to online. Some people think it’s dumb because they probably think they’re being catfished. In some cases parents think their kids are talking to total strangers and they don’t approve.
It can also disconnect people because some can become obsessed with social media. Nowadays they can start to ignore family members or friends because they would rather see what everyone else is doing.
Many people especially girls nowadays are worried about their appearance because they see a lot of posts of people who are famous and they try to do whatever they do so they can look like them and maybe become famous themselves.
Facetune is an editing app that many people use to enhance their pictures or to completely change their appearance to make themselves look very different. It is very popular now since celebrities and youtubers have said that they use it and of course their followers will try anything that they use.
People should be able to enjoy social media, but they should limit how much they use throughout the day. It can start to become a serious addiction to the point where you can’t go anywhere or do anything without your phone in fear that you might be missing out on things in the virtual world.