Venice Says Farewell To Several Staff Members

Barbara Polesi , Reporter

Venice High School says farewell to faculty retiring this year. Dennis Danzinger, Diane Pollock, William Jones, and Richard McKeon will be leaving Venice High at the end of the semester.

Diane Pollock

Undergraduate from University of Maryland and graduate from UCLA, landscape teacher Diane Pollock has worked at Venice for the past 21 years. Before her career at Venice High, Pollock worked as a professional landscape designer.

“I will not disappear entirely,” said Ms. Pollock, “The principal has asked me to continue working with the Interact Club, so I will be doing that once a week here at Venice. I will also be doing a lot of community service.”

William Jones

English teacher William Jones will also be retiring from Venice this year. Graduate from Princeton University, Mr. Jones has previously worked for 18 years at George Washington Preparatory School.

“This will be the end of my fifteenth year teaching at Venice.” Said Mr. Jones, “the kids are always entertaining and interesting even when they’re annoying, so that’s what I will miss the most. What I will miss the least is the interactions with administration, not so much the school but the high mandates telling us what to do. I think the teachers should be allowed to teach to the best of our abilities, but the outsiders think they know better and tell us what to do.”

Richard McKeon

Athletic Director Richard McKeon is also retiring from Venice at the end of this year. Working for LAUSD for 25 years, Mr. McKeon has been working at Venice High for the past eight years.

“I will miss my job.” Said Mr. McKeon, “working with the students and athletes and other staff members. I will miss my routine, doing something every day. But I know I will find something to do eventually, maybe even at a school around where I live.”

Dennis Danzinger

English teacher Dennis Danzinger, who’s been working at Venice High for the past eight years, will also be retiring this year. Mr. Danzinger has received his BA in Literature from the University of Texas in Austin, Texas and has taught English and Sports Literature in the Los Angeles Unified School District for 23 years. Mr. Danzinger will stay involved with the POPS program at Venice High. Mr. Danzinger created The Pain of the Prison System program. It is the first high school club in America that focuses on the needs of students who are victims of the mass incarceration. It is a safe place for students who were affected by the prison somehow, mostly when a family member is away in jail. Every year, the students who are involved in the program write a book.