Venice’s New School Budget

Bryce Rodriguez, News Editor

The Associated Student Body fund collected more money this school year than last year, according to Finance Manager Harry Delu. The sale of more “Spirit Packages” and an increase in ticket sales for sports games, due to Venice participating in more playoff games, led to the increase.  

This year was the first that the Student Store offered “Spirit Packages” to Venice High School students, and it allowed many students to save money. The packages also brought in a lot of money for ASB, since many students bought one. The packages included items such as  Venice t-shirts, jackets, hats, a homecoming ticket, access to home football games and a yearbook.

“I like how they offer these packages to the students to help them save some money, but sometimes there’s some stuff in the packages that some students don’t want or need, and if they want the packages, they are forced to get the other items that they do not want or need, which in my opinion, the only bad thing about them, but other than that they are great,” said senior Mario Reynoso.

       Mr. Delu encourages students to take advantage of the packages, so students would be able to save on items they want. He believes that his top priority is “satisfying the students,” and he is doing so by offering students to get items they want, such as access to all football games, for a lower price when bought in one of the packages.

As a result the school sports teams will have more money next year. All of the sports, especially football, brought in more money for the budget, compared to last year.

Mr. Delu believes that the Student Store’s relocation to room 126 was not good for him. He feels unsafe where he is now, and believes that it is easier for students to steal from him.

The Student Store moved due to plans to knock down the original building it was in and replace it with a new building.