Venice’s First Mariachi Band


Provided by Mr. David Lee

Thank America’s Teachers Grant, won by Mr David Lee, the Mariachi Band Director

Joshua Fenty, Web Editor-in-Chief

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This year is the very first year that Venice has had a Mariachi Band in more than 100 years of existence. Mr. David Lee, the club’s sponsor, won a Thank America’s Teachers grant of $2,500, which provided money to purchase some of the instruments.

The Mariachi Gondeleros meet Fridays after school from 3:20 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. in Room 3. The first meeting was on Friday, Aug. 18. As implied by the name, members learn to play in a Mariachi ensemble.

“I get to connect with my culture and where I came from,” said sophomore violinist Lizbeth Vargas. “It makes me happy that I have something to remind me of my roots.”

The club is entry level, which means you don’t have to know how to play one of the instruments that are in the band. Said instruments include the trumpet, violin, vihuela, guitar, guitarron and many others.

Staff members are also encouraged to join. Some of the staff that have joined or are thinking about it are Ms. Aura Talley, Ms. Carolyn Willcox, Mr. Craig Brandau and Mr. Eduardo Serna.

The Mariachi Gondeleros plan on playing at Back to School Night, Grease Night, and other community events.

“Mariachi Band is a great and exciting opportunity for students and staff to perform,” said Mr. Lee. “It’s always fun to learn something new.”