The Pixar Timeline Theory

Leslie Grijalva, Entertainment Reporter

A popular theory among teenagers involves the Pixar Animation Studio.

Pixar has made 18 iconic movies for the current generation. What if they were all connected? And all of the characters belong to the same universe?

Pixar loves putting Easter eggs in movies like in Monsters Inc when Boo is in her room with Sully, there’s a Nemo toy from “Finding Nemo” and a Jesse Doll from “Toy Story 2.”

But what if they were all in the same universe? This is the Pixar timeline theory.

Student Victoria Jaco-Razon when told of this theory said, “That’s so true and I never realized that.”

The first movie in the timeline is the movie, “Brave” which takes place in the 14th to the 15th century where it initiates the concept of animals personified as humans. In the movie the main character also discovers “the will of the wisps” which represents the spirits of human ancestors.

What if later on around the 1950s to the 1960s, the government has discovered a way to contain the human “energy” by creating superheroes? This is where “The Incredibles” come into place. Since most of the supers were assassinated by the robot made by Buddy aka Syndrome the villain in the movie. Buddy also mastered the idea of “zero point energy,” when he made his intelligent robots. What if this energy has side effects and affects inanimate objects or a company decides to use it? This is where the company “Buy n Large” makes its first appearance in a Pixar movie.

In “Toy Story,” Pixar shows for the first time, life in inanimate objects, most likely from the zero point energy. Maybe it was a side effect that no one knew about? The toys also follow a code of rules and live on human love. In “Toy Story 2,” the movie reveals the reason why toys need humans and its because without the love of children, it can be lethal if they are isolated from them for a long period of time.
What if the zero point energy, not only affected toys but animals? In “Finding Nemo,” it shows the intelligent lives of the animals in the ocean. The movie also shows how different species join together to help save another from people. Throughout the movie it shows the fear and hate the animals have towards people for polluting the environment and imprisoning them. Also Dory’s ability to read and understand multiple languages shows the evolution the animals are going through.

Not only the animals were affected but also animals on land, for instance in the movie “Ratatouille,” is the first time in a Pixar movie when an animal and person interact. In the movie, all rats fear and hate people just like in “Finding Nemo.”

The next movie in the timeline is, “Toy Story 3,” it takes place 11 years after, “Toy Story 2.” Again in “Toy Story 3,” it shows the toys heavy emotions, we see the intense feelings they have with Lotso Huggin Bear when he shows his hatred towards owners and toys who are faithful to their owners. Once again, BnL (Buy n Large company) makes an appearance when Buzz Lightyear, has his batteries shown and the batteries were made by BnL.

What would you think if the characters in the movies were related in a way? Next is the movie, “Up.” It takes place after “Toy Story 3” because in Andy’s room he has a postcard from Carl and Ellie, who are the characters in the movie “Up” in his room. Also in “Up,” it is the peak in the hatred animals have for humans. BnL, makes a comeback as well when they try to buy the main characters property, and expand the city.

What if the company, BnL continues to proceed to take over the world after the movie “Up?” There’s a commercial in the movie “Wall-E,” that says so. What if they took over the world by finding a way to provide for everyone’s needs 24/7? Which lead to the human race to consume all of earth’s resources. In “Wall-E” the company BnL, sends everyone to outer space in a spaceship called the Axiom, which was done so they can clean up the now polluted Earth and they were meant to come back once it was cleaned up. What if since all of the humans now are gone, machines take over the world, which is seen in “Cars.” In the movie, “Cars” they are still influenced by humans. It is theorized that “Cars” takes place 600 to 700 years before “Wall-E,” because in “Cars” the earth isn’t fully polluted yet but in “Cars 2,” it shows in the movie that they fully pollute the earth due to how much they use oil, because they survive on it.
Centuries later, since cars and machines finally pollute earth to the point they die, is where “Wall-E,” fully comes into the timeline. In “Wall-E” he helps the remaining people who were in the, Axiom, come down to earth to repopulate since Wall-E found the last living plant life, which allowed, the people, machines and animals a second chance on earth.

In the end credits of “Wall-E,” you can see the little plant they found turn into a tree where you can see in “A Bug’s Life.” What if “A Bug’s Life,” is a view into the insect world that managed to grow and develop in the new world. In the movie, there’s only a few references to people and they are not seen nor are the ants scared of them.

In the future, what if animals have evolved to replace humans as the main species, to maybe even to the point where humans are forgotten? What if the animals are now human-like monsters? The last in the theory is “Monster’s University” and “Monsters, Inc.” In the movie, the monsters have their own civilization and in “Monster’s University,” it is mentioned that it was founded in 1313, which meant the monsters based their calender’s for over 1000 years in the past. In the movies “Monster’s University” and “Monsters, Inc.” it is highly mentioned that they can’t survive without a source of energy which is the fear of children. By the end of “Monsters, Inc.” monsters learn to get the energy from love and laughter instead of fear and screams.

Ending the Pixar timeline, is when everyone and everything is balanced out. But what about Boo? The little girl who got to spend time in the monster world? What if after she wants to find a way back to the best time of her life? Maybe later on, she figures out how to use doors in her part of the timeline, which is probably in the late 2000s, to travel back and forwards in time. What if Boo, travels to the time where “Brave” and becomes the witch that’s obsessed with wood which is the source of what makes the doors travel in time.

It’s up to you to decide if this Pixar timeline could be true, there’s also an even more detailed version with a more complex explanation on the creators website which is via