AP Readiness Program


Desmond Andersen

Juniors Camryn Butze and Alissa Okada attending a chemistry lecture.

Yume Kamal and Sarah Rudolph , News Reporter, Opinion Reporter

The AP Readiness at UCLA is a free program offered to all LAUSD schools to help students with college level classes they have chosen to take at school. The program is made to strengthen and add on to what you have already been taught in school. These sessions on specific AP courses are once a month on Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on the UCLA campus. Teachers remain an extra hour. You can check the website, uclaapr.org, for exact dates.

A few teachers from Venice High School, including Ms.Ruth Greene and Mr.Jess Rabinowitz, are teaching courses that are covered by the AP Readiness program.

Every year a different set of classes are offered. The UCLA AP Readiness website has a list of all the AP courses they are offering this year. Students work with different teachers from other schools, so experiencing different types of learning styles are a part of the program.

AP Readiness is really beneficial since the teachers take the time to interact with the students and incorporate different ways to help us better understand the subject,” said Venice High student Jose Ramirez.

Registration for the program is free if students attend an LAUSD school. If you are a student outside of the district, there is a fee you have to pay. You can register for all courses or a specific course on the AP readiness website. Certificates are awarded to students that attend four or more sessions. For more questions, you can contact (310) 825-1324.