Taking Days Off of School for Mental Health


Melina Torres

A person´s brain is sick

Sarah Rudolph, Opinion Reporter

School can be very stressful at times, not just physically, but mentally. Meeting due dates for assignments, waking up early daily, and being around so many people at school can be very mentally and emotionally exhausting. I have taken off a day or two because school was stressing me out.

When your peers and teachers are annoying you and you can’t tell them off, that can be mentally and emotionally stressful.

According to LAUSD, students are allowed to take 10 sick days off of school.
Students should use those days off to better their mental health. Using those days off to get extra sleep or exercise are some things to improve your mental health. Make those days off school productive.

Use those days to reflect on why maintaining your mental health is important, and ways you can stay healthy mentally. If your mental health is really in bad shape, use your time off to seek professional help.