Easy Ways to Avoid Supporting Animal Cruelty

Aracelly Cotrina, Opinion Reporter

The beauty industry and clothing industry both have a fault in animal cruelty, even with household products that you wouldn’t expect.

Many makeup companies test on animals including Avon, Benefit, Clinique, Makeup Forever, MAC, and Maybelline, wrote Rebeccah Zuazua in an article on Fine Magazine’s website.

Cosmetic companies that don’t test on animals are Jeffree Star cosmetics, Sugarpill, Kat Von D, Melt Cosmetics, Too Faced and more.

Clothing companies use animals to make fur coats, leather belts, and wool sweaters.
Instead of supporting this, look into the clothes you’re buying and make sure they’re faux and not the real thing.

You probably use these items on a day-to-day basis: toothpaste, soap, lotion, and shampoo.
Crest, Dove, and Head and Shoulders do test on animals, according to Ashley Artrip in an article on theodysseyonline.com

Lush Cosmetics is a vegetarian company that sells soap, shampoo, lotion, and even toothpaste. Mario Badescu is another cruelty-free skincare brand that can replace your current routine.

Animals are so pure and sweet, they don’t deserve to be experimented on for cosmetic and fashion use. The fact that they are being experimented on and not even given any painkillers is just plain cruel and unnecessary and not required by law.