Top Six Gifts for Booklovers


Julissa Ventureno

Leslie Abrenica laughing at a funny text from her book.

Julissa Ventureno, Features Reporter/Photographer

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Do you have a booklover as a friend? Are you having trouble buying a Christmas present for them other than their favorite book and a gift card to Barnes & Nobles? Lucky for you, I have compiled a list of the top six affordable gifts for booklovers.

1) Book light- All booklovers know the struggle of trying to secretly read a book at night without trying to wake anyone up. Simple solution: a small book light that clips on to the top of the desired book. You can find one at Target for only $8!

2) Bookmarks- No present is too small! A bookmark might just save your booklover friend from having to fold the pages of their precious book or from using random things as a page holder.

A DIY bookmark is simple and can be personalized. Drawing your friend’s favorite book character is a good idea for a DIY bookmark or you can buy a bookmark with a book reference for them.

If you want to go above and beyond a bookmark, get your friend a thumb page holder, which you can buy from for as little as $4!

3) Book bag- What better gift than a bag that holds your booklover’s beloved books? sells awesome book bags starting from as low as $7! Many of the bags have texts such as “Off to the library!” or “Books turn Muggles into Wizards!

If does not fancy you, then you can also make a personalized DIY book bag by simply buying any desired plain bag and writing or drawing what you’d like on the bag with fabric markers.

4) Book sleeves- This piece of removable fabric protects the binding of a book and keeps the book itself clean. Help keep your friend’s book safe from book damage by buying your friend a book sleeve. sells them starting at $9 with amazing designs such as galaxy and polka dot patterns.

5) Shirts with literary references- Which booklover wouldn’t love to be able to show off their love of books with their clothes? sells shirts with literary references starting at just $7! Buy a Percy Jackson fan a “it’s dam Percy Jackson thing” shirt and they will most likely love you forever. Anything with a book reference will make a cool gift.

6) Reading Kit- Create a kit by using a shoe box, decorating it and including all (or most) of the following items: a mug, fuzzy socks, blanket, a candle, their favorite snack, and tissues to help your booklover friend’s dream come true. Target sells all of these items for less than $5 each!

This kit would give them a relaxing night with a mug filled with hot chocolate, purple fuzzy socks, a warm blanket, a comforting candle, favorite snacks to munch on, and, of course, a nice book. Oh, and tissues for when a favorite character dies or when an author leaves them with a cliffhanger!