What do You Want for Christmas?


Desmond Andersen

Pie chart of the surveyed data.

Melina Torres, Opinion Reporter

The Oarsman interviewed teens around the school, asking what they want for Christmas.Their answers were classified into categories. These are what Venice teens hope to receive for Christmas.

One sophomore said he wanted the new iPhone X because it has a lot of cool new features that the other iPhones don’t, like face recognition for a password.

One junior said she didn’t really want anything for Christmas, she would rather take a trip somewhere during Christmas break.

There are even some teens who are still kids at heart. One boy asked for the new Monopoly game that has Mario characters in it, one girl said she wants the Disney Lego Castle and another girl wants the Mc2 Perfume Science Kit from the Netflix show Project Mc2.

Most people just want money because you buy what you want instead of people guessing what you want.

Money: (37%, 37 votes)
Electronics: (0.015%. 15 voters)
Shoes: (0.011%. 11 voters
Trips: (0.09%. 9 voters)
Clothes: (0.09%. 9 voters)
Video Games: (0.09%. 9 voters)
Board Games & Legos: (0.06%. 6 voters)
Makeup: (0.03%. 3 voters)