Star Tennis Players

Adamarys Abad, Sports Reporter

Star tennis players and sisters Mae Canete and Christine Canete are both on the varsity tennis team. Christine Canete is a freshman and Mae Canete is a sophomore and both are nationally ranked in the top 50. According to their coach Dominick Flores, both were ranked #1 in the country a year ago.

Both girls have been playing since they were four and are new to the school this year. They transferred from LACES. They won every single league match they played.

“My favorite part of tennis is knowing the opportunities it gives for college.” says Mae Canete.

“There’s nothing that stands out when playing tennis, I just have been playing the sport for so long.” says Christine Canete.

Mae Canete finished in second place and Christine Canete finished third overall in LA City Section.

Their dad personally coaches them and makes sure they work their hardest.

They both lost to the #1 city player in the finals.

“If they practiced longer, they would’ve easily won,” said Coach Flores.

The Venice girls tennis team played very hard this year and won the city title for Division 2.

“They’re very supportive of each other, they deserved it.” said Flores, about the team. “They’re great students. They’re like a group of sisters playing.”

The Canete sisters are very grounded players, they don’t let anything get their heads.