Period Club


Julissa Ventureno

Period Club President Natalie Bonilla talks to the rest of the members about upcoming events.

Samantha Espinoza, Features Editor

Period is a new club at Venice that dedicates its time to aiding women who are in need of feminine products.

It came to the attention of Natalie Bonilla, president of Period, that not all women have access to products that are seen as a necessity while on their menstrual cycle. This inspired her to create an organization that focuses on not only relieving and aiding women, but also empowering the minds of young women. She believes that young women and younger girls shouldn’t be ashamed of themselves or embarrassed because they have a period.

“I’m glad that I’m not in the situation that some women are in so I feel that it is important that the club is able to help women who aren’t as fortunate,” said senior Cindy Marquez.

So far, the club has fundraised money to use towards care packages that include pads, tampons, tissues, and more. The group has also had a “packing party” in which they put together the packages and prepare to give to women in need.

Most recently Period has been working on creating an artistic bulletin board on campus with both pictures and written words to raise awareness and draw attention to feminine problems that most people don’t think about.

“I think it’s important to have a wall dedicated to women. Not that many people focus on current issues that we face,” said club member April Morales.

If you want to contribute and participate in the club, Period meets every Thursday in room 222 at lunch.