Film Review: Winchester


April Cuarenta

Illustration of Winchester House in San Jose

Ariel Reyes, Entertainment Reporter

Winchester is a 2018 supernatural horror movie that was inspired by true events of the cursed house that is located in San Jose.

The movie is about a widowed heiress Ms. Winchester who lives in a mansion that is always under construction. A doctor is assigned to check her mental health and see if she is capable of continuing to run her rifle production company as she is considered mad for continuously building.

In reality she is building a room in hopes of bringing peace to a person who was killed by the Winchester rifle and haunts the house.

Though the movie does have a somewhat interesting plot, it is very predictable and does not leave the viewers in fear as a good horror movie should do. The jump-scares were easy to spot and came at inappropriate times making scenes look tacky.

Not only that, but the movie’s plot was unsurprising.

Chelsea Rose, a junior, admits that, “It wasn’t that scary and the movie was really predictable.” Another student, Bella Gaboury, who also saw the movie agreed that it was predictable and says, “I figured out the entire movie pretty quick.”

The low ratings that Winchester received from Rotten Tomatoes and IMDb are understandable and for those who are looking for a horror movie that has a good twist, this is not it.

The Oarsman give this movie a 6/10.


People can actually visit the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose. Visit for more information.