Venice’s Updated Digital Library

Esdras Melgar, News Reporter

Up until recently, the Venice High School library had an electronic catalog that was difficult to reach. Students had to go through a four-step process to search for books electronically.

Now, that’s changed. Ms.Caroline Gill, the school librarian, fortunately had assistance from colleagues such as Mr.Rojo and another colleague, in order to update the format and structure of the electronic catalog.

The updated electronic library can now be reached by visiting Venice High’s website, Single-click the top second tab “Our School” and single-click the last tab “Library.”

“It’s easier to access” said Ms.Gill. “They can even search for books from home.”

The electronic library catalog allows students to search for a book’s availability. Apart from searching for a book, there are more features. In the Digital Library Database, students are able to click on subcategory links that can transfer you to other useful resources such as encyclopedias, credible sources and other public library links.