The Oarsman Report


Julissa Ventureno

The Oarsman Report Team (left to right) Aaliyah Apilado-Reporter, Vayran Martinez- Editor, Esdras Melgar- Anchor, April Cuarenta- Anchor, Julissa Ventureno- Editor and Mya Gates- Producer, pose in front of the school.

Esdras Melgar, News Reporter

The Oarsman newspaper now has a short biweekly news and features segment on Youtube! The idea was brought to advisor Nancy Zubiri by a group of her journalism students.

The channel will inform Venice students on current events, interviews, news headlines and stories. The video team is aiming to reach a greater audience by broadcasting reports via Youtube.

Director of the Oarsman Report, Julissa Ventureno said, “Our mission is to leave a legacy at Venice that will imprint inspiration in every student.” The Oarsman Report’s mission is to inform Venice students by updating frequently and staying on top of recent topics.

“Students can subscribe to the school news report by simply searching Oarsman Report on Youtube. Please make sure to like and hit the notification button for faster notifications.” said Producer Mya Gates.

The video team produced their first segment on Valentine’s Day. The staff interviewed students on their opinions on Valentine’s Day, couples and various other questions.