Duties of Sports Medicine

Alejandro Sanchez, Features Reporter

Reading Time: < 1 minute

The Venice High School Sports Medicine Team is a team of students that provides treatment to student-athletes at Venice High School.

“If something happens to a student, whether it be at a sports game or practice, we’d be the ones to respond.” said senior Mary Soliman, who has been a member of the Sports Medicine team since she was a sophomore. “If there is a medical emergency at nutrition or lunch, we would help out too.”

“We attend training over the summer where we are First Aid, CPR and AED certified and spend a minimum of 80 hours a semester working to receive elective credit as a member of the team,” said Soliman. “We are very qualified as we take many first aid classes and learn how to execute an Emergency Action Plan.”

Students on the sports medicine team also prevent injuries by providing ice or tape at games and making sure precautions have been taken in order to avoid as many injuries as possible.

As well as looking after injured student-athletes, the Sports Med Team will assist in taking care of injured students in case of a major disaster, such as an earthquake or fire. They are role models on this campus and are always looking out for the safety of everybody at Venice, said Soliman.

March is National Athletic Training Month; the Sports Medicine Team looks forward to sharing information about Athletic Training through their Instagram account @venicesportsmed and announcements this month.