Standout Baseball Players Prove to Be Strong Assets to their Team

Guadalupe Aquino, Asst. Sports Editor

The Venice varsity baseball team is still in preseason and is anticipating league games to start on March 19 against Westchester. Three specific players are proving to be strong assets among their teammates according to Coach Kevin Brockway.  First baseman Kai Casillas, shortstop Jashia Morrissey, and catcher Jerry Valencia are changing the game.

Emily Salazar
Kai Casillas, #12 on Varsity Baseball

They could not have improved their skills without the help from their coaches.

¨They are very insightful and know what they are talking about,¨ said Casillas. ¨We trust their judgment.¨

Sophomore Casillas said baseball has made a huge impact on his life. He has learned so much from it. Despite Casillas being a sophomore, he is already thinking about playing baseball during his college years.

¨I´ve always wanted to play in the upper levels even though it’s a very hard thing to work at,¨ said Casillas. ¨I think I’m at the right place.¨

Emily Salazar
Jashia Morrissey, #3 on Varsity Baseball

Coach Brockway said Junior Morrissey was one of the strongest team players.

When asked how he has contributed to his team, Morrissey said, ¨I can’t really say about me, but my team has been doing a really good job out there.¨

With one more year of high school left, Morrissey is planning to commit to a college team pretty soon to develop his baseball career.

Emily Salazar
Jerry Valencia, #21 on Varsity Baseball

Junior Valencia, is also another highlighted player by his coach. Baseball has changed his life in a positive way by keeping him out of trouble, he said. His coaches have also helped him develop his skills.

¨ They have been so great by supporting me,¨ said Valencia. ¨I´ve learned a lot from them.¨

He is yet another player who plans to play baseball once he heads off to college.

Without Brockway, these three players couldn’t have made it far.

¨ I think that probably my biggest impact on their high school careers is holding them accountable for their actions,¨ said Brockway.

Coach Brockway is looking forward to further developing his baseball players throughout the upcoming years.