Venice High School’s Construction Estimated to be Done by 2022

Yume Kamal And Bryce Rodriguez, News Reporter, Print Editor-in-Chief

Venice High School is scheduled for a $111 million remodeling that is expected to be finished in the next five years. The money for this renovation was approved years ago.

      There are going to be many areas refurbished at Venice High School. On May 7, they will start closing off the softball field, tennis courts and the basketball courts for underground utility work, according to the notice sent out by Assistant Principal Frank Nunez.

           There were originally three different designs that architects had made for Venice, but now architects and administrators are set on one modernization plan.

When asked about the construction for the new student cafeteria, English teacher Christine Tachiki said, “I am getting a headache from it. It seems to be only working during class times.”

      The teacher parking lot, located by Cunningham Hall, will be moved to where the softball field currently is, according to the last interim principal, Mr. Robert Marks. Since the construction will take some time, when school begins in August, the only staff parking will be available on Venice Boulevard, according to Mr. Nunez. The new parking lot will be completed by November of this year.

A new lab sciences building will be built where the teacher parking lot is now, by the Cunningham Hall.  An earlier proposal that was set to get rid of Cunningham Hall was rejected.

The bungalows will be taken away, and new bungalows will be placed by the basketball courts located by the East Gym. Teachers located in the bungalows will stay in their classroom later than the end of the school year, which is longer than the original estimate, according to English teacher Ruth Greene.

  There will be a fence to block off the construction starting at the auditorium to the softball field, ending behind the cafeteria. The solar panels above the parking area will also have to be moved or taken out indefinitely.

The project is estimated to be done by 2022. You can find a picture of what the finished product of Venice High School will look like in the Main Office.