ASB Canceled Movie Night

Kylon Wade, Features Reporter


The movie night organized by Associated Student Body was officially canceled because not enough people bought tickets. There was supposed to be a screening of “Insidious” on Friday the 13th.

Out of 100 tickets that needed to be sold for this event, only 32 were sold, which included combo packages. ASB bought equipment including a large screen that costed $300, for this event and will unfortunately not be used.

“Yeah it sucks that not enough of the tickets were sold for us to continue this event, but since we bought the screen it shall not go to waste,” said ASB President Shara Wade. “We (ASB) are planning another event with the screen towards the end of the year or possibly in the future.”

All of the money was refunded to every single customer that bought a ticket, according to Marianne Sierra. Harry Delu is the manager of the student store and is assisted by Sierra. According to both Sierra and Delu there were volunteers ready to work for this event.

“Since I’ve been here for some time I know how the game works,” said Ms. Sierra. “I believe that we could have sold all or even more than 100 tickets because usually the students wait until the last minute to buy them”.

Assistant Principal Richard Valerio pulled a plug on the event for several reasons.

“ASB works very hard to make these events,” said Mr.Valerio. “It’s a call to the senior students to improve their school spirit and to support events that are made for them. Events can be postponed, but we need the support of the students and for them to come and join next year.”

As the president, Wade personally believes that to fix the problem next time the event should be publicized a month in advance instead of a week before, to overall have a much better outcome.

The tickets were $2 in advance and the combo was $5 for a ticket, soda, pizza and entered automatically in a raffle for a chance to win a two VIP tickets to see a movie in theaters.