18 Tips from Class of 2018

Rebecca Halfacre, Sports Reporter

Reading Time: < 1 minute

“Don’t procrastinate. You’ll enjoy the things you actually want to do more when you don’t have a deadline looming over you.”  -Lynda Jauregui

“Don’t make cheesy quotes, especially you Lynda.” – Ryan Ohkawahira

“Dear freshman, your grades matter.” – Nicole Scott

“It’ll be chillin’, don’t worry.” – Brandon Franco

“Don’t overload your plate. I know school is competitive and very stressful, so just remember to enjoy yourself”  – Thin Nyo

“Use your time wisely.” – Edwin Davila

“Don’t be lazy, make sure you yack efficiently and don’t puke too much. It’s easier to spread work out, than do it all at once.” – Samuel Yoshioka

“Finish your hours!!!” – Christian Lopez

“Just take required classes! Get Mr. Serna, Mr.Stern, Mr. Wright, Ms. Farrell, and Ms. Greene.” – Gustavo Lopez

“Make as many memories as possible — you’ll never see these people again.” – Leahnora Castillo

“Life doesn’t wait for you, so do whatever you want to do. “ – Alex Duran

“It’s high school drama, it’s not that important,t Sis. Also Kahoot points are the best points.” – Julissa Quero

“Stay focused, it’s worth it in the end.” – Isabella Ledesma

“Get on Serna’s good side.” – Alyssa Soto

“School before food.” – Jose Perez

“Even though you may feel that you don’t want your senior year to be stressful, try your best because colleges will see if you’re willing to challenge yourself.” – Bryce Rodriguez

“Although it’s your senior year, don’t slack off. It’s just as important as the previous years and even more stressful when it’s time to apply for college, but you guys can get through it. All you need is a Juul to give you some strength.”  – Yume Kamal

“Don’t let the pressure get to you, you got this” – Adamarys Abad