Silberman Breakfast

Frances Flores, Sports editor

On the morning of Friday May 11, Mr. David Silberman, a much loved history teacher who has been at Venice for many years, bought breakfast for all of his juniors taking AP United States History.

Frances Flores

On the morning of the exam, all 132 of Mr.Silberman’s students taking the test were invited to the Venice Alumni House to eat different kinds of bagels from Brooklyn Bagel along with fruit, yogurt, and water.

“It was exactly what I needed that morning,” said junior Mariana Salinas,” I really appreciate everything Mr. Silberman has done throughout the year.”

After nine months of preparing and studying for the APUSH exam, Mr. Silberman continued a tradition started by a former Venice history teacher Ms.Hayashibara.

Ms. Hayashibara retired more than 10 years ago, but had been a teacher at Venice for many years. She was the one who started to buy her students breakfast the morning of their AP test, and Mr.Silberman has since then continued her tradition.

“My motive at Venice is to keep up the traditions and honor them.” said Mr. Silberman, “I thought it was worthy to honor students who have worked very hard because AP is much more difficult and alot more work that honors.”

After the test, students also piled into his classroom to enjoy leftovers after having just taken the four-hour test.

Many other teachers at Venice also reward their students for their year of hard work by buying them breakfast.