Question Man: Embarrassing Stories

Carmen Perez, Features Reporter

As students, we all have embarrassing moments.Being late to class and falling down the stairs in front of someone you like can be tough. Venice teachers also went through some embarrassing moments during high school and here are some of them.

Mr. Marcos Sandoval

“I was in my senior year during high school,” Marcos Sandoval remembered. “Before school started, it was pouring rain. My pants were dragging on the floor underneath my shoes. My friend and I were walking down a staircase when the bell rang. As I was rushing to class, I slipped and I kicked my friend, who was right in front of me. We both fell down the staircase and people were staring at us, laughing. I didn’t care at that moment because no one knew me, but one of my friends recognized me and she yelled my name, so we got made fun of for the rest of the day. I learned not to rush to class from that experience and my advice is just take your time.”


Mr. Drake Witham

‘’I was on the basketball team during my junior year, but I never played. We created something called the ‘bench game’ where you get points for sneaking in food or touching the ball. During a game, we ordered a pizza and the delivery guy ran into the court to deliver the pizza. We were there eating pizza and watching the game,” said Mr. Drake Witham. “We didn’t get in trouble since our team won. My advice is that if you are going to get in trouble make sure it’s funny.’’



Principal Gabriel A. Griego

‘’During my freshman year, I felt really embarrassed because I didn’t make the football team,” Principal Gabriel A. Griego remembered. ’’All three of my brothers were football stars and  it was something really embarrassing for me. I ended up getting into the team during my junior year. I learned to never give up if something bad happens to you and you feel bad about it. Just keep going. And my advice to all students is that the only way to get something right is by making mistakes. Nobody is perfect, so don’t give up if it doesn’t work the first time. Just keep working hard and stay focused.’’


Mr.David Silberman

‘’During high school, I was on the football team. Football practice was cancelled that day, so I played handball with a friend of mine. We talked about the fact that with all the other sports we played, we never got hurt. I chased the ball and as I jumped up, I landed on the side of my foot. I broke my ankle in two places. Telling people I got hurt playing handball  ended my high school football career. Who gets hurt playing handball? My advice would be don’t talk about good fortune because it might end one day,” said Mr. David Silberman.