Class of 2019 Update

Kylon Wade, Features Reporter

The Class of 2019 club is off to a cautiously optimistic start. Their main focus right now is to fundraise enough money to pay back the $5000 deposit needed to secure a prom venue earlier this year.

“I never really knew about it until it was brought to my attention three weeks ago,” said President Athena Koon about the debt. ”From my point of view, we are doing a lot of work based on the fact that our class is out of the loop. After I was informed, I immediately told the cabinet about it as well.”

Some changes that will help make the club flourish include communication. Secretary Christopher Nakatsuka talked about this matter openly with the Oarsman.

“I feel that communication is a problem and in one aspect it’s the cabinet’s fault for not doing their job before, but we are on our way by spreading information by word of the mouth and social media,”  said Nakatsuka. “This is a call to all seniors of 2019 that we need your help and participation in events such as fundraising so we will be successful in senior activities.”

The class officers hope to get help by networking resources through staff and students.

“We can raise money faster through connections,” said Treasurer Madison Kim. “If students and teachers helped out and gave us their own personal connections with restaurants or shops etc., then it would be a huge advantage in helping us fundraise for the club. Though we are already on a great track with fundraising due to the $1000 we made in two months.”

There are committee leaders in the class of 2019 club that also participate in fundraising and providing money for the club.

“We have the venue for prom locked down and it is at the Sportsman Lodge in Studio City and our down payment had to be $5,000 on the spot to rent the area,” said Anabelle Bellamy, chair of the prom. “We are aiming for $30,000 to make up from students buying prom tickets. But due to the debt of $5,000 with [Finance Manager Harry] Delu, it is a little harder for us to raise it. Even though, according to Mrs. [Jennifer] Barnhill, the class shouldn’t have to pay for activities like prom. We are planning on getting lots of decorations as well for our prom and make sure it will be a great one that we will remember.”

The Class of 2019 has already successfully run several fundraisers including the Panda Express fundraiser on Sept. 21, and is planning more such as a booth at Grease Night, and a breakfast fundraiser at the West Gym on the morning of Oct. 10.