Girls Varsity Volleyball Head to Playoffs


Julia Escobar

Varsity captain Jacelin McKie (#50)

Kelley White, Sports Reporter

The girls volleyball team, led by Coach Allen Hunt, is finishing its season strong with a record of 22-15-1. Their first playoff game was on Thursday, Oct. 25 against San Fernando High School. They successfully won all three sets receiving a final score of 3-0.

“I feel pretty confident  and excited going into playoffs,” said Varsity Captain Jacelin McKie. “We usually excel as a team towards the end of the season, so i’m looking forward to playing against tough teams and watching how our hard work throughout this season pays off. I’m hoping we will be city champs this year, which is one game farther than we made it last year, but this year’s team is strong and we have great chemistry so I have no doubt in what we can accomplish.”

Last season the team made it to the semifinals in the City Section. Despite their loss in last year’s playoff matches against Chatsworth High School of 3-0, McKie is convinced they will do great in the upcoming playoff games.

“We played a lot of volleyball, we practiced very hard and hopefully we are able to have a good playoff round,” says assistant coach Raul Aviles.

Although they lost their recent game against Palisades High School, with a score of 3 sets to 1, they are practicing every day after school to perfect every spike and pass.

Venice displayed communication and teamwork throughout their season and showed it in various matches.

“The team did excellent, we played well against Pali,” said Aviles. “Our next game will determine if we have any other home games or not. I think our season was great. We had high expectations, and overall, we had a lot of good matches completed.”