Boys and Girls Club Offers Numerous Opportunities to Earn Community Service


Elisa Martinez

Olivia Mariapen, administrative assistant of the Boys and Girls Club.

Elisa Martinez, Staff Writer

The Boys and Girls Club of Venice offers many opportunities for local students, some which allow students to earn community service hours, helping them reach the graduation requirement.

Olivia Mariapen, an administrative assistant of the Boys and Girls Club, is a site coordinator here at Venice High School and has been organizing many of these opportunities for the students.

For Halloween, the Boys and Girls Club of Venice held an event open to everyone at its location on Venice and Lincoln Blvd.

“People can earn community service hours for participating in our haunted maze,” said Mariapen. “I would prefer for those who want to volunteer to have a Boys and Girls application submitted.”

The Club has also partnered with Primetime, an after school program that allows students to peer coach and to obtain leadership skills.

This season, Primetime is playing soccer. Practices are every Monday from 3:10 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. They have an upcoming game on Oct. 29 against Hamilton. The game is being hosted on campus at the baseball field.

The program also offers flag football and basketball throughout the year.

By volunteering, instructor Becky Lee Pfannkuch-Crespo said it is easy to complete some of the 40 hours of community service needed to graduate.

“This is a great way to get in an easy fourteen hours and have a great time playing a sport,” said Ms. Pfannkuch-Crespo.

Anyone interested in this opportunity can submit a Boys and Girls Club application at the Parent Center in shop 1A.