Question man: Best Halloween Stories

Carmen Perez, Staff Writer

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Halloween, the spooky season! Pumpkins, trick or treat, witches, vampires and zombies. We all have a scary or fun story to share during this season, and here are some of the best around campus:


Ms.Tachiki English teacher

“[Our Disney-themed Halloween party] was really exciting. My husband dressed up as Lilo. I was the little girl who shook the fish on Nemo. My son was Russell from Up and my other son was some sort of karate thing that apparently was from Disney. My husband was wearing the Hawaiian skirt and a really scantily clad top. He had no problem embarrassing himself. It was really fun.”


Andy Velasco Junior

“It was Halloween night and I was at my dad’s place. We organized a haunted house and it was me, my cousin and a few of his friends. At the beginning it was pretty boring because nobody was going in and then after a while people started coming and there was this guy that went in by himself. It was so dark that I could barely see and my cousin and I were standing still and he started walking through. I could tell that he was already tripping out. My cousins started scaring him. He tried to run out and he fell and started rolling down the stairs. He just got up and started running. We followed him across the street. At the end, it was really funny because he didn’t even take candy. He just ran away!”


Audren Gonzales Freshman

“I was dressed as Lock from the ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ and my dad had made me a really cool mask. It looked really real and scary. My two girl cousins were over at my house and I wanted to scare one of them so I was wearing my mask and started crawling. One of my cousins was sitting down next to me. I wanted to tell her ‘shhh’ to let her know that I wanted to scare my other cousin, but when she turned around and saw me she got scared and then slapped me. I thought it was really funny.”


Aaron Gambill Freshman

“My friends and I were going treat or treating. I was wearing a mask. We were leaving a house that had a long pathway and there was a gate. What ended up happening was that my jeans had gotten stuck on the gate. I was completely tangled on the gate and then fell multiple times.”