Girls volleyball knocked out of playoffs

Joseph Medina, Assistant sports editor

The girls varsity volleyball team recently ended their season with a

devastating loss against Eagle Rock in the second round of playoffs on Nov. 13. The

final sets of the game was 3-2.

“We played really strong ‘til the end. During the middle we let our guard down.

Towards the end we picked it up, but by the time we did, it was a little too late.” said

team captain Kara Rose.

In the first round of playoffs, Venice won against Wilson with a score of 3-1. In

the third set of the game the girls dominated Wilson, ending the third set with the score of

25-8. It was an easy win for the Gondos.

Venice’s overall record is 17-23-1. The Gondos league record was 7-5. The girls

had convincing wins against Westchester, LACES and University high school, beatin

them by the score of 3-0. Venice managed to tie for third place with Hamilton in the

Western League.

“We had our ups and downs throughout the season, but we

finished strong,” said coach Allen Hunt.