Coming Soon: The Art Factory Club

Kelley White , Staff Writer

Do you enjoy painting, drawing, or art in general? There is a new club forming next semester that may interest you.

Led by Mr. Tyler Fister, the new visual art teacher, students will be able to learn and hone their skills and techniques with some help from Los Angeles Trade-Tech College art students. Members of the club will also paint murals on the new buildings being built at Venice High School.

“It all started from a conversation we had during lunch,” said senior Chelsea Osario. “We noticed our school is really plain. Venice is a very diverse place and is expressed throughout our artwork.”
Osario is convinced the club will develop successfully with dedication and hard work.

“Anyone can paint. It’s basic,” said senior Natalie Martinez. “We go to the school so we might as well make the campus look nice and represent. Plus art is also a way to express political ideas.”
The students have decided to identify themselves as The Art Factory Club.

“It started when I told them I had experience with murals and they were immediately interested,” said Mr. Fister. “We are planning on making on making a gallery of student artwork in the Media building. I think students look around to see that their artwork isn’t presented, so this can help make more diverse cultures and show it through muraling.”

According to Mr. Fister, their goals are to set up rotating galleries in the Media building and compose one large mural and two smaller murals in the spring.
They will begin meeting next semester on Wednesdays and Fridays. For more information, see Mr. Fister in Rm. 38.