Oakgrove Report


Elisa Martinez

Council members of this fall semester’s Oakgrove.

Elisa Martinez, Features Reporter

Oakgrove has been held at Camp Eaton for the past few years. Oakgrove has been an ongoing retreat that is open to everyone. A big rule of Oakgrove is confidentiality. Anything that is said and done at Oakgrove stays there. Everyone there does not have to fear that anything they say will be spread by another individual.

This semester, Oakgrove took place from Nov. 16 – 18. The council team who organized this semester’s retreat consisted of: Guadalupe Antonio, Ariana Baran, Ian Dunipace, Alissa Okada, Joseph Silva, Jasmina Vela, Evan Holter, Emily Johnson, Ava Haresh and co-chairs Axel Hernandez and Ulises Peralta.

This retreat included a smaller number of campers than normal, but many said this Oakgrove was one of the best. According to some campers, having less attendees helped with making the experience more personal.

“This semester was really intimate and it was just like really, you know, like we were able to get to know a lot more people and kind of bond at a deeper level, which I really like,” said council member Antonio. “This semester went by really good because all of council prepared and worked really hard. Everyone worked as a team and we all just put in so much work.”

Other council members were also proud of their effort.

“I think this Oakgrove was a success,” said Peralta. “Axel and I really pulled through, everyone pulled through, the council pulled through, the site-coordinators did their job. We did really good. Shout out to all the alumni.”

Elisa Martinez
Co-chairs Axel Hernandez and Ulises Peralta at Oakgrove.

Joseph Silva, a junior at Venice High, was a council member for this semester’s Oakgrove. After his first Oakgrove experience, he was motivated to try out for council and made it.

“I was in a really rough place when I went to Oakgrove the prior semester,” said Silva “When I went the experience was truly amazing and helped me a lot facing some of the things that were affecting me and after that I wanted to help others experience it and really I wanted to repay Oakgrove for all it did to help me by helping get it together.”

The next Oakgrove will not take place until the spring. Council members encourage everyone to go to Oakgrove.

“I would most definitely recommend it to others. It’s an experience that really helps you grow as a person and make connections with others which I know especially in high school is an issue for some people.” said Silva

If for any reason you are unable to attend Oakgrove, there will always be Lunchgroves held in Ms. Hazel Witham’s classroom, Room 152, on Tuesdays. Students are welcomed to come to discuss a variety of topics.

You can stay updated and learn more about Oakgrove by following them on Instagram at @venice.oakgrove.