Introvert, Extrovert, Ambivert

Kylon Wade, Features, Reporter

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Are you an introvert, extrovert or both? An introvert is typically someone who is closed off, keeps to himself and does not seek attention. An extrovert is essentially the opposite of an introvert; extroverts are people who are very outgoing and highly social. Extroverts love to be the center of attention. What if you fit into neither of those categories? You may be an ambivert. Being an ambivert means that you possess qualities of both an introvert and extrovert. An ambivert may switch off between both, depending on the situation.

”I’m an introvert because I tend to be reserved to myself and closed off and I do not like to talk to a lot of people,” said Emily Cortez.

In a survey conducted by the Oarsman, 100 students gave their opinions on whether they were an introvert, extrovert or ambivert. The majority of the students interviewed said they were extroverts, and the total surveyed was 42. The second highest group in the poll was introverts, and that total surveyed was 34. The lowest group was ambiverts with a total of 24.

“I’m an extrovert because I’m a very social person and I am involved with a lot of clubs at this school,” said Ulises Peralta

Extroverts and introverts are very distinctive, though the mixture of the two are defined as another type of person.

”I consider myself an ambivert because when I need to talk to people I open up a little because I have to, but I enjoy quiet and alone time by myself also,” said Merary Gudiel.