Midnight Mission: Students Feed the Homeless


Elisa Martinez

Students help feed the less fortunate at Midnight Mission.

Elisa Martinez, Staff Writer

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The Boys and Girls Club of Venice (BGCV) teamed up with Midnight Mission and headed to Downtown Los Angeles Jan. 26 to give back to the less fortunate. 33 people, including students and staff, attended this event.

The students helped serve dinner. Some students were behind the line serving the actual food, others were prepping the food in the back, serving food to the disabled, cleaning any mess, or handing out the utensils and cups of water.

Imani Holloway, a BGCV staff member, set up this event.

“I was the one that reached out to Midnight Mission and emailed them. After that I shared it to my teammates and stuff like that,” said Holloway. “I got the event from the kids. A lot of kids were saying how they wanted to give back and I actually did want to do something like this.”

The individuals that attended this event, received three hours of community service in exchange of their time helping serve food to the less fortunate.

“I liked everything about this event,” said Virginia Villalta. “Getting the opportunity to come out and see how people live and see how many people come together to help others.”

The BGCV has always held various events, field trips for the students, but this was the first time they held an event like this one.

There will be more volunteer opportunities like this one and one way to be informed about them would be to stop by the parent center and ask any Boys and Girls Club staff member about it.