Three Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts to Make Tonight

Minerva Theresa, Features Editor

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Still haven’t gotten your sweetheart a Valentine’s Day gift yet? No worries! These time-savvy and inexpensive gift ideas will bring a smile to your Valentine in no time.

Sweet Tooth Galore

This gift is for someone who loves sweets! Head to your nearest store to buy an assortment of different colored small-sized candies that your loved one enjoys, such as conversation hearts and Hershey’s kisses— the more, the better. Grab a regular-sized mason jar from home. Clean out the mason jar so that it’ll be ready for use.

Choose one brand of candy to be your first layer, followed with a second layer of another different-colored candy. You can decide how thick each layer will be and what the pattern of the layers will be.

To make it more special, you can tape on construction-paper hearts or paper doilies as decorations. Tie a ribbon around the jar and thread it through a tag with a sweet message on it.


A Photo Album to Adore

For this craft, you’ll need a way to gather and print photos. Choose some of your favorite photos of you with your loved one and cuttheminto any shape you desire. Grab a few sheets of white paper, fold the stack in half horizontally and cut along the crease you just made.

Choose a red- or pink-colored sheet of construction paper. You can create a patterned border with craft edge scissors or markers. The construction paper will serve as the cover of your album.

Taking the cutout photos, glue them onto each sheet of paper in any order you’d like. What’ll make this gift a sweet one will be the captions that you’ll add under each photo; the captions will include the reasons why you love the recipient of your gift. Finally, staple all the papers together. Get creative with the arrangement of decorations and color scheme to really personalize this present!


An Unforgettable Memory Box

Show how much you appreciate your partner’s companionship and time by giving him or her a walk down memory lane. First, find small keepsakes like a movie ticket, a love note or a poem that reminds both of you of a good time. Maybe an old admissions ticket from the pier brings back memories of a fun evening spent riding roller coasters and devouring hamburgers and shakes. If you can’t find a certain object, recreate it with other materials such as paper. Having about five items will be enough.

Next, find a box with a lid that’s large enough to contain all of the keepsakes. Wrap the exterior and interior of the box and the lid with construction paper. Feel free to embellish the box with hearts, rhinestones or other decorations. Next, take an index card and write, “Valentine’s Day 2019” on the blank side of it. Paste the index card with the writing face-up onto the middle of the lid.

When adding in the objects, you may place tissue paper underneath the objects. Arrange cut-out paper hearts decorated as if they were conversation hearts in the box. The possibilities are unlimited.