Question Man: Worst Dates

Carmen Perez, Staff Writer and Photographer

Have you ever been on a terrible date? Dating can be fun, but it can also lead to awkward situations. Here are some of the worst dating scenarios from students and teachers at Venice High School:

Ms. Aracely Elizondo, Spanish teacher

“It was my second date with this guy. I texted him to confirm and he said ‘Do you want to meet at 7:30?’ and I said ‘Yes, that’s fine,’ and we agreed to meet at a place. I got ready. It takes forever for a girl to get ready. I texted him that I was on my way and I didn’t hear anything back and I figured he was busy or driving. I got to the restaurant and I texted him ‘I am here.’ I didn’t want to go inside the restaurant just not to look like I was by myself. I waited inside my car for five minutes and I texted him again, no response. Thirty minutes passed and I just texted him, ‘you know what? this is over’ and I went home. He apologized the next day saying he fell asleep. I never talked to him again.”


Cyrus Wyatt, 10th grade

“My friend asked me to go on a double date. He said, ‘I’ll bring this girl’ and I thought ‘yes, why not?’ He told me she was really cute and nice. When we got to the place, I started talking to her and I noticed she was really mean and really lame. We had dinner and she expected me to pay for her, so I did. I didn’t want to be rude. It was just a bad date.”


Jimmy Dizon, 11th grade

“I invited my girl to have dinner. We ate a lot of food, she told me she was going to pay for it, but she forgot her wallet and the check was for 150 dollars. Worst date ever.”

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