Garden Club: Planting Seeds of Hope

Julissa Ventureno, Editor-in-Chief

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Garden Club was formed by sophomores Emma Hanna, Genevieve Marino and Libby Oren. The club focuses on teaching students how food gets from the garden to the table, all while giving students access to the Learning Garden at Venice.

“We learn about methods for growing our own food with activities like planting and harvesting fruits and vegetables, cleaning and maintaining our space in the garden, and working with the community members who are already in the Learning Garden to care for space,” said co-president Hanna.

The club co-presidents, Hanna and Oren, emphasized that they wanted to create an environment that gives students an opportunity to spend time in nature. The activities they do range from planting new seedlings to making a bench from a chopped tree.

If you enjoy gardening and learning about plants, make sure to stop by Garden Club on Mondays during lunch in room 246 and after school on Wednesdays in the garden.

In the cicLAvia event on March 4, they had a booth that allowed people to make their own potted plants with succulents. The succulents were meant to be free, but the club ended up raising $150 in donations.

The club is planning to have a tea party in April and perhaps a teachers luncheon by the end of the year. They will confirm dates when they grow enough food to give away. The club shares their events on their Instagram: @vhsgardenclub.