WLGS Magnet Celebrates Random Acts of Kindness

Kylon Wade, Staff Writer

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Venice High’s Japanese classes are participating in a Random Acts of Kindness Challenge, orchestrated by the Japanese teacher, Ms. Hiriko Nomachi. Nomachi’s students have been participating in the challenge for two years now and along with people from all around the world.

The students of the World Language magnet must film videos of themselves explaining examples of their random acts of kindness to eventually be posted on an app called Flipgrid. Many different schools use this app to comment and post videos. Nomachi is having all her students who participate in the challenge.

“My random act of kindness video was about putting an old lady’s groceries back in her car at a supermarket when she had too many to carry on her own,” said Ian Dunipace, a fourth year Japanese student. “It was really gratifying because she was very grateful and it was something that she couldn’t really do on her own because of time and that someone who could had the ability to do so.”

“I did a video about self care and the importance of taking time to eat your food without with watching touching videos on your phone,” said Madison Kim, another fourth year Japanese student. “I really wanted to share that with other people because in my family we don’t take into account the time spent eating with each other because they are always their phones even when we are eating at the dinner table. We should take more time to be grateful about the food that we are eating and socialize more.”