Spring Club Expo 2019

Photo gallery

Desmond Andersen, Photographer

Reading Time: 2 minutes
On Friday, April 5, Venice High held its semi-annual club expo on the front lawn.

All sorts of clubs attended the event, ranging from Garden Club to Bible Club to the recently established Art Factory Club and more.

Although selling food was banned this year, many clubs gave out free lollipops and chewy candy.

Fashion Club waves hello.

Boys and Girls Club of Venice (BGCV) gives out free prizes with a spin-the-wheel game.

The STEMM Magnet Council represents.

Junior Via Mariano adorns herself with an (rather small) origami hat; Mana Nakano, also a junior, frames her photo-worthy friend with her hands.

Senior Kylon Wade promotes the Just Keep Living club with a firm handshake, while Jalen Greenberg looks on in confusion.

Senior Alissa Okada shows off her hydro flask. What a nice color gradient!