Boys Volleyball


Daniel Ho, Assistant Web Editor

The boys varsity volleyball team finished their season with a 37-12-2 record, and have lost key players to both injury and illness.

“We’ve had a rough spot recently,” said senior Zach Stayner. ‘‘Lots of players are sick or injured including team captain Ian Dunipace. Once we get back to full strength, our goal is to win Division 1.” Last season, the team finished as the first seed in the Division 1 playoffs, losing in the semi-finals.

Despite recent injuries, multiple players have stepped up to fill in for the injured players. Senior Ethan Smith and Junior Jayce Mendoza have both stepped up and played well during the absence of the usual starters.

“Our Sylmar tournament was a huge breakout for us because we finally clicked as a team and won four games in pool play and three in the tournament playoffs,” said junior Jayce Mendoza. “The team chemistry and energy was definitely there and it made a huge difference in our game. I want to shout out Ethan for leading us and Zach for balling out.”

The boys varsity volleyball team plays one last game on April 23 at Sylmar High School, and will head to playoffs afterwards. Be sure to keep updated on the team as they head into playoffs.