19 Tips from 2019 Seniors

Elisa Martinez , Reporter

Calling all lowerclassmen, that means all you freshmen, sophomores, and juniors! Here are some tips from the graduating class of 2019.

Q: What is a tip that you would give to the lower classmen?

1.“I would say that they should have a plan. To remember that plan A isn’t to graduate, but what they’re going to do after graduation. To work hard for what they want and to be involved, but also enjoy high school.” -Ariana Diaz

2. “Don’t feel pressured to take AP exams even though you’re taking the class. Do it because you feel prepared.” -Guadalupe Antonio

3.  “Maybe have like a realistic goal set in mind and keep that with you throughout school. That’s like the main thing that I think is important.” –                   Bonnie Vargas

4.  “Don’t slack off, especially the juniors. Go to college fairs or tours when possible. Lastly, apply to scholarships ASAP. They go out quick.” -Angel              Morales

5. “Go to Oakgrove.” -Ulises Peralta

6.“Choose the right classes and stay out of trouble.” -Sebastien Balembois

7.“Get at least 1000 on your SAT. Learn vocabulary along your way. White out is your best friend.” -Erick Martinez

8.“Take your own path, be yourself. You can always bounce back.” -Axel Hernandez

9.“Don’t be shy, and don’t be afraid to make new friends. Ask for help if you need any, and enjoy your time because life after high school is when things get real.” -Oswaldo Sanchez

10.“Go to class, and try not to have service for your first period!” -Asiah Castile

11.“Well for freshmen: They should dress for PE and not lose points for not dressing because that’s dumb. Don’t procrastinate and get your work done beforehand to not be stressing on the day it’s due. Join clubs because when you’re a senior, you feel lame for never being part of nothing. Don’t get into any fights. You guys are in high school not middle school anymore.” -Geovanny Ordonez

12.“I think one very important tip I would give to the lower classmen is to take care of themselves, not only physically but mentally as well. I suffered from depression almost all years of high school, and I think that it’s because I didn’t take care of my mental health. It distracted me from school work, and I wasn’t focused most of the time.
I truly think if anyone is struggling mentally, get help and talk to people around school. There’s so many resources, and you can find help anywhere. For example, joining clubs or sports can help you build connections with people that can help you mentally in different ways.” -Kimberly Flores

13.“Know your limitations. Don’t overburden yourself because everyone else is. It’s important to take AP classes, but it’s also important to be mentally healthy.” -Christopher Nakatsuka

14.“Start scholarships now. Do college essays now.” -Shashine Nnachetam

15.“Don’t try to be something you’re not because at the end, everything comes to the light.” -Derek Pesquera

16.“Don’t take a lot of APs, enjoy yourself.” -Elizabeth Wong

17.“Don’t procrastinate. Your high school years go by fast, so enjoy them.” -Kaila Mashita

18.“Don’t think it’s all fun and games. Take things seriously when the time comes.” -David Lopez

19.“Be organized, and keep yourself on check. Make sure you know about colleges ahead of time.” -Ashley Cornejo