Homecoming: Magical Night Oct 26

Shia Wade, Staff

  Bring your wands and magic slippers to the Homecoming dance Oct. 26 because the theme is now Fairy-tale. Yes folks the theme was gonna be Halloween but it was changed after a discussion by the leadership class because Halloween turned out to be a controversial topic. 

“Leadership struggled to find a name that does not directly mention Halloween but all the names that they tried didn’t get approved,” said Mauricio Mason, class of 2020 vice president. “Leadership made an executive decision to just change it to Fairy-tale.” 

Between leadership some found the theme unfair. Due to Halloween being a holiday that of course, not everyone celebrates. 

Let’s hear both sides Venice High School students honest thoughts on the change

“I’m fine with Fairytale but the Halloween theme would of been kinda amazing…”

said by Jasmine Barragan


“Why.. why do they do that? Its Halloween its not Fairytale. No one said Fairytale.”


“Its after Halloween so shouldn’t it be Halloween themed?” 

said by Kymia Freeman