Gondo Drip – Tracen Hunter


Julian Lopez-Albany and Rah-San Bailey

Reading Time: 2 minutes

The Oarsman would like to showcase Gondoliers’ unique styles and “drip.”  For this issue, the Oarsman chose to highlight Tracen Hunter, because of his unique style. 

On this particular day, starting from the top, Hunter was wearing a beige fisherman’s hat, followed by a cream sweater gracefully tied around his shoulders. He also wore an essential white polo, a black belt holding up his tan khaki shorts, white socks, and for his shoes, trendy Fila Disruptor 2 sneakers. 

Hunter’s inspiration comes from a combination of his grandfather when he was younger as well as country club outfits from the 60s to the 90s. Retro country club outfits usually consist of formal attire such as pastel polos, button-down shirts, sweaters, straight-fitted khaki pants, and short shorts. He also takes inspiration from outfits he has seen on videos of runway fashion shows, outfits that combine formal attire and streetwear, and lastly, the immensely popular artist Tyler, The Creator. Hunter told us that most of his wardrobe comes from thrift stores or Forever 21. 

Hunter said he would not improve a single element of his outfit.

Some people tend to attribute styles to certain races and ethnicities. For example, Hunter, whilst being African American, was wearing an outfit that would be generally attributed to a Caucasian man’s style. Hunter opened up about how he felt about that, saying:

“An outfit doesn’t describe WHAT you are but rather, WHO you are and what you’re about. I don’t classify myself with boundaries like ‘black’ or ‘white’ because it doesn’t just limit your outfit, but your life choices in general.”

See you next time! Before we go, Hunter has some words of style wisdom he’d like to share:

 “Your style shows your growth, and sometimes if you let your own personal style flow instead of copying someone, you’ll learn more about yourself too…”