The Last Grease Night


Hiromi Maeda

Grease Night !

Graham Wells, Reporter

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For students, faculty, or anyone who lives in the surrounding community, Grease Night is many people’s favorite event of the year. It’s an annual movie night that lets everyone enjoy “Grease,” one of the most successful movie musicals of all time that was filmed on campus. The significance of this year’s Grease Night is that it was the last time that it would take place on the Venice football field and bleachers before being torn up for construction.

“I’ve been to Grease Night three times,” said senior Charles Huang. “I’ve always enjoyed coming because of the food and I get to see my friends. It’s my last year in high school and it’s the last year to see the movie on this field.” 

For some it is their very first and last Grease Night on this field. “This is my first Grease Night, but once I heard about the construction, I knew I was coming,” said Carla Dailey, a parent of a freshman. “Venice was the location for Grease and I’m a huge fan, so I was eager to see it for the last time on the original field.” 

For some, they attend the event because of their love for the movie, and for others, they have a special connection to “Grease.”

Hiromi Maeda
Grease Night, Janna Rae Face Painting booth.

“I like to come to Grease Night because we all get to hang out and watch the movie together. When I attended the school they would be filming the movie while we were in class and other times during the day, so forty years later it’s cool to come back and relive our high school years.” said Danny, Alumni class of 1979.


As Venice High says goodbye to beloved Grease Night, the current Venice community is also saying goodbye to the set of the movie, and the many years in which Venice has been a movie landmark. The field served not only as grounds for sports teams but as a spot filled with memories from both Venice students and alumni alike. The reconstruction of the football field is set to take place sometime in 2020, and with its replacement will also be the loss of the original “Grease” set.