Gondo Drip- Phoebe Loveland


Julian Lopez-Albany and Rah-San Bailey

Reading Time: 2 minutes

In this issue of Gondo Drip, the Oarsman pursues another stylistic Gondolier, Phoebe Loveland. Although you might not have heard the name before, Loveland does stand out quite a bit with her consistent bright pink outfits that definitely garner a stare or two. Her style is one that entrances many on a daily basis. Usually on Wednesdays we wear pink, but for Phoebe, it’s every single day. 

On this day, starting from the top as always, Loveland was wearing a bright pink crop top with the word “Barbie” printed on it in big, bold, white font. She also wore bright pink carpenter pants, and for her footwear, clunky bright pink and plaid platform heels, with silver outlined hearts on the front.

Loveland’s inspiration comes from the early 2000s or “Y2K” era. It’s a combination of celebrities Paris Hilton and Britney Spears, as well as the movie Mean Girls, specifically the character Gina, who wore pink and short outfits, similar to those Loveland wears. Loveland told us that she shops at numerous stores including Sugar Thrill, Brandy Melville, and Dolls Kill, all of which house clothes that fit her aesthetic extremely well. 

Loveland and her sister, who also wears pink, shop for each other and she said that she does not wear any brands that do not carry vegan clothing. Vegan clothing is any clothing that is not made with skin, hair or feathers of animals. 

The only fashion improvement she would like to make is her shoe collection.

Loveland said she likes to dress flamboyantly because she loves being the center of attention and loves all the compliments.  

Her family, and specifically her mom are very supportive of how she and her sister dress and their sense of style. 

Before we go, Loveland has some words of wisdom she’d like to share with you:

“You can’t be afraid to stand out, if you’re gonna stand out you gotta do it.”