Planting for a cause

Kayla Leon, Reporter


Our earth is dying every minute and every second, and Venice’s World Language and Global Studies Magnet wants to do something about it. 

Students from the World Language magnet program are taking part in making a change. Since the start of the year, every geography class in this academy has come up with a plan to plant trees. They participated in the Climate Action Project this month by planning their tree planting project. They want to plant trees around campus and in the garden. Two ancient trees, each over 100 years old were cut down last November due to the construction. They made up about a quarter of the garden. This project may help make up for the trees that were lost last year.

During the span of a year a tree can produce up to 260 pounds of oxygen. Two mature trees can provide enough oxygen for a family of four. That same acre of trees also produces enough oxygen for 18 people per year. 

“I believe Los Angeles has less green space than any other metropolitan area in the entire country,” said geography teacher Sarah Dobbs. “That’s not okay because it affects our air quality and produces health problems. Obviously there are other factors being in a city that’s so dependent on fossil fuels.” 

Not only have students been planning this tree planting activity but they have also participated in beach cleanups, which also fulfills their service learning requirement. 

The WLGS Magnet teachers have hopes for making this vision come true. Before any action takes place they will be needing permits from the district that allows them to start planting. “We want to start planting seeds,” said Ms. Hiroko Nomachi. “Meanwhile they begin to grow, we can take time to get the permits and find a good place, hopefully the garden or anywhere on campus. It’s always important to know where the gas lines are and everything like that before we start.” 

With all the construction taking place on campus, they have found it difficult to launch into action. 

“I feel like I’m always getting head-butted everytime,” says Ms. Nomachi. “It will take time to process everything. So hopefully by Earth Day we’ll have an event for it.” 

The tree planting activity is starting to spread to include the Gardening Club run by Ms. Julia Bare here at Venice High.