Demolition of The Learning Garden


Marina Eskander, Reporter


Demolition of The Learning Garden 

Marina Eskander

 Venice High School has been under construction for the past two years now.  During the construction, workers have demolished various parts of the campus, and one particular area is Venice High’s Learning Garden. Construction workers have destroyed half of the garden leaving a small portion of the garden remaining.

The Learning Garden was a place students could rely on to take some stress off their shoulders; they could draw, learn about the garden’s vegetation, or read a book while sitting on a bench under a tree. Though the destruction of the garden was meant to expand the campus for a new building, it won’t be easy to replace the subtle peace the garden brought to Venice High’s students and campus.

“It’s frustrating for the Garden Club and it’s really limiting because teachers like to use the garden,” said Ms. Julia Bare, AP Biology teacher for the World Language Magnet, who also sponsors the Garden Club, “It’s really unfortunate that we can’t use the garden the way we want to. We’re still alive and kicking, (the Gardening Club); we’re eventually going to rebuild the garden. There are also a lot of new plans for the garden but right now the Gardening Club isn’t going anywhere.” The Gardening Club meets every Thursday at nutrition and every Wednesday at lunch in room 246.

The garden is a community-oriented setting which contributes to Venice High School’s teachers and students. Ms. Bare said the garden’s goal is to provide a community-like environment which teachers and students alike can take part in engaging community activities such as growing produce and sharing it with others.

“They (construction workers) shouldn’t tear it down or they should at least make another spot for it,” said Venice High School student Leiloni Haro. 

According to Ms. Bare, construction will be going on for the next two years so they will be able to start replanting once construction is complete. In addition, the garden is going to be in the same place the old garden once was. Once construction is over, community members, the Garden Club, or anyone who wants to join can help rebuild the garden, said Ms. Bare.