Gondos Dress to Impress at Homecoming


Charity Grant, Reporter

At this year’s Homecoming Dance Oct. 26, over 400 Gondos participated and came dressed for the occasion. Although all students looked amazing, these few added their own personal style and confidence to the event that had them stand out from the rest. 

The Homecoming Dance was attended by students from all grade levels. Sophomore Lela Brown and freshman Tamea Sayles did not hold back when it came to their homecoming outfits and were not afraid to stand out and make a statement. 

 “So, my outfit was a two-piece with glitter all over it. It was something basic but still cute,” said Brown. “It looks really beautiful under the light. I matched it with a side ponytail and silver choker so it wouldn’t take away from the outfit, but to make it pop.”

Sayles’ outfit of choice was one of the most creative of the night, because hers was handmade. 

“The outfit was made by my aunt (@nievsnee on Instagram),” said Sayles. “It’s actually a two-piece. The top is a shiny lavender and the skirt is tulle and the diamond belt she also put together herself. I really loved my outfit; someone told me I looked like a black Cinderella.”

Not too many girls wore their hair up for the event. Sayles decided to wear her hair in a slick-back ponytail. “I was going to get passion twist and then I was asking my friends and they said a ponytail. It was a last-minute decision to make it a low ponytail.”

With this being their last Homecoming Dance, seniors Marilynn Flores, Jeremiah Smith  and Dwayne Rudd made sure to dress to impress for the occasion. 

Flores decided to stand out for the event and made the bold statement to wear shorts while the majority of girls chose to wear a dress. “So basically I wanted to go for something different and not wear a dress.” Flores said the shirt is from Victoria Secret and cost $20, the biker shorts were $5 and shoes were $20. “For the hair, I wanted inches, so I went for a slick pony to put the look together along with the nails.” 

Many guys did not choose to dress up for the occasion or decided to go an easy route with a nice dress shirt and shoes. Smith didn’t know until the day of what he wanted to wear and when asked about his outfit, he responded and said, “I bought it at the mall that morning. I saw the sports jacket and I was like this with all black would be smooth and then I saw the blue loafers that matched the fit. I originally didn’t want to dress.”

Rudd however knew exactly what he wanted to wear and decided to style his blue outfit in a way that showed off his Gondo pride. “So the whole outfit is from Topman and the shoes are by Robert Cavalli. I decided to wear blue to stick to the Venice school colors.