Venice Community Weighs in on A.C.E. Family Scandal

Charity Grant, Staff Writer

The Oarsman asked 70 Venice High students on their awareness of the ACE Family scandal and their opinions. Even though the majority of Venice students are not tuned into the popular YouTube couple, those who are active viewers say they are interested in the drama. 

On Oct. 14, Youtube personality Cole Carrigan posted a video accusing Austin McBroom, the father figure of the ACE Family, one of the most popular and influential family channels on Youtube, of raping one of his friends. As of Oct. 28 the video had received over 9 million views and included screenshots of messages allegedly between McBroom and the alleged victim.

In response, McBroom posted a tweet saying the allegations are false and that he would be following up with legal actions. In response to McBroom, the alleged victim took to Instagram in a post she later deleted, to deny the claims.

“I feel like this video was made for the wrong reasons, and this wasn’t Cole’s story to tell,” she was reported to have said on her Instagram according to ENEWS. “Cole even texted me saying we could potentially get $100,000 from this, following the claim that DramaAlert was paid off $500k.” The victim added, “I wanted to say that Austin McBroom is not to blame in the situation, and did not rape me or anyone. I’m currently handling this situation in my own way.”

Having amassed 17 million Youtube subscribers and a combined Instagram follower count of  21.1 million, the unmarried ACE couple, McBroom and Catherine Paiz, as well as their two young daughters Elle and Alaïa, took social media by storm for being seen as the ultimate idolization of the perfect family. However, due to recent scandal in the media, their image and reputation within the Youtube community may be tainted.

Of the Venice students surveyed, 61 percent had heard of the ACE family and 48 percent were aware of the current scandal. However, only 17 percent considered themselves active viewers and supporters of the family and of the 17 percent, only 8 students said that they would still watch the Youtube couple if these allegations were proven true. 

“My sister told me about them a while ago and back then, they didn’t have that many subs,” said sophomore Faith Mathieu. “But when they started getting famous, I started watching them.” When The Oarsman asked if she would continue to watch if the allegations are proven true, she said, “ I would need to see evidence on it because the internet makes up a lot of stuff.”

This is the first time McBroom has been accused of serious allegations, but not the first time he has been accused of cheating.  There have been rumors he has cheated on his fiancé, Paiz. The ACE Family has faced numerous cheating allegations throughout their years in the spotlight, with the most recent occurring in July of 2019. Some rumors have gone far as saying Paiz is aware of the cheating and that the couple only stays together for fame. Although no new evidence has come to light, the most current information suggests McBroom and Carrigan may be in the midst of a legal battle.