Art Contest

Nick Tomlin


Art teacher Christopher Wright believes that a Venice student has the opportunity to win up to $800 in scholarship money through the national PTA Art Contest. 

“Last year we had a student make it to the state finals and this year I’m pushing a little harder so I think we’ll have a lot of talented entries,” said Mr. Wright.

Students submit a piece of art for the annual contest and a statement that describes the art’s relationship to a theme of their choice. Along with visual arts, the contest features categories including dance choreography, film production, literature, photography, and music composition. The art pieces are judged by a panel of  professional artists from around the country on three criteria: interpretation, creativity, and technique.

“I think the art contest will help me get my talents out there and hopefully I can find connections with other artists. I also hope to expose more people to my art.” said senior artist and contestant Donovan Agee.

On the national level, students will have a chance at three awards, the Merit Award, Award of Excellence, and the Outstanding Interpretation Award. The latter two offer scholarship money. Besides scholarships, winners of the art contest will also have their works displayed in a travelling art exhibition.

All Venice students are eligible to participate, and if you plan on participating in the art contest, make sure to turn in your pieces by November 15th.