Venice in search of new principal

Simran Ali, Editor-in-Chief

Venice High is expected to have a permanent principal some time in March. The school is currently in process of reviewing resumes and selecting candidates to interview.

Dr. Elsa Mendoza, former Venice High principal, was promoted to Administrator, Option School Principal Support for ESC West. She will work with options school principals to increase the focus and support provided to students in alternative school programs.

In her five years at Venice, Dr. Mendoza achieved some great successes with academic improvement, expansion of AP courses, parental involvement, implementation of the STEMM Magnet, and a large increase in graduation rate.

“I’m glad Dr. Mendoza has been given the chance to be a part of a higher position,” said Assistant Principal Rene Maza.

Dr. Mendoza took the new position this month although she was taking some time off to have a baby. She, along with Jaime Morales, Instructional Director, and school community representatives picked a site selection committee, which will decide on the new principal.

Retired principal Fona Bishop is the current interim principal and will remain until a permanent principal is hired.

When asked how she was hired, Ms. Bishop explained “when a school doesn’t have a principal or a vice principal, there is a group of us who are retired principals and are willing to fill in, but we have to fill out an application.”

Ms. Bishop was previously principal at Hollywood High School and worked for LAUSD for 40 years. She has a bachelor’s degree in theater and a master’s degree in school management and administration.

“I was warmly welcomed by students, staff and parents,” said Ms. Bishop. “I like how passionate and friendly everyone is and I feel an attachment to this school as my daughter and my nieces graduated from here.”

She said so far from what she has heard, the school needs more elective programs, security, and technological devices for classroom purposes.

Some of her hobbies include reading, teaching theater arts and traveling.